Affiliates Terms Of Use

Affiliates Terms of Use

Effective: April 16, 2020

PLEASE READ THE AFFILIATE TERMS OF USE CAREFULLY BEFORE SUBMITTING AN APPLICATION. After reviewing the following terms of use thoroughly, if you do not agree to the affiliate terms of use, please do not consider our affiliate program.


You agree to the terms of use outlined in this Affiliate Terms of Use Agreement with respect to our site ( This Agreement in conjunction with the general Terms of Use,  Privacy Policy and constitutes the entire and only agreement between Simple Salsa/EZ Mixes and you, and supersedes all prior or contemporaneous agreements.


Submit the application for review.

Normally, we will examine and verify your information within three (3) business days.

Simple Salsa will notify you of approval or denial by email.

If your application is approved, it would be wise to opt-in our email list for at least the affiliate’s option.


Upon approval each affiliate will have their personal dashboard on our website. An Affiliate will be redirected to the dashboard after signing in (use the Affiliate Program link on the top bar to sign in).

The unique referral link is on the dashboard.

Affiliates can create product links on the dashboard

We strongly encourage user who are new to the affiliate market to become familiar with the dashboard.


PayPal Account: An Affiliate must have a PayPal account/email address to receive their payout from Simple Salsa. There is no fee for opening a PayPal Account, if you need to do so.

Referral Last Click: Whenever a referral have used the link of two (2) or more affiliates to visit our website, the link of the last affiliate will get the credit once the purchase is made. 

Payout Rate: Each affiliate will receive a referral rate of 20%. If an affiliate referral total is $75 commission for three (3) consecutive months, that affiliate referral rate will increase to 25%.

Minimum Payout Amount: There is not a minimum payout amount.

Date of Payout: Payments will be made on the 5th and 20th of each month directly to your PayPal account. If the dates land on a weekend, the payout will be the Monday following the weekend. If the either date is a holiday, the payout will be the next day.

 Any earnings fifteen (15) days prior to the payout date will not be issue until the next payout period (this block of time is needed in case of a refund).

Cookie Policy: Referrals tracking links will be valid for 60 days.


Affiliates cannot receive a commission from Gift Cards, Private Label Products and Wholesale Buyer Products.


Do not use your link on a coupon or deal site.

Do not falsely advertise Simple Salsa/EZ Mixes.

Do not change our logo or banners.

Do not offer unofficial links or coupons.

If you have any questions, please submit them through the Contact Page.