Wholesale Policy

Effective: Feb 1, 2023
After reviewing our Wholesaler / Distributor policy thoroughly and you have questions feel free to contact us for clarification.
We will go above and beyond to assist you every step of the way.
YOUR Success is OUR Success!

These guidelines must be agreed to in order to become a Wholesaler or Distributor:

We do not manually store, ask for or run YOUR Credit Card.  It is stored in our system for you if you choose that for faster order processing.  We DO NOT have accessibility to YOUR CC information.

  • For Stores, Specialty Boutiques, and Restaurants, you must have a DBA and a physical location. and agree with our Minimums in order to receive discounts or Bulk pricing.


  • First and foremost, we do not require OR expect anyone starting out to try and carry our complete line of products.  This is something that we suggest you gradually work up to as you get more comfortable.  We will suggest at least 6 of our Best Selling Salsa Blends, Our AWARD-WINNING Chili Seasoning, and a few other items to give customers a good variety.  We will be more than happy to assist you with that.
  • To become a Distributor (selling at venues, ie Home Shows, Fairs, etc) you must meet and agree to our company guidelines and policies in regard to SRPs, Signage, Booth color scheme, etc-Customers relate our colors with our Company and product. You would be representing OUR Brand, so we expect uniformity across the board.  We, Simple Salsa, will assist you with this if possible. We will also furnish “Pricing” Signage to you at no charge to display on your table(s).  As we could have 100’s of people selling our brand, we are very selective as to who we allow.   We have worked extremely hard over the last 13 years to build a reputable company and will sustain our reputation and professionalism with our customers.
  • Agree to S & H charges per order on shipments being sent to a specified location of your choice.  As we do not make a profit on shipping charges, we reserve the right to charge a Handling Fee.
  • To become a Simple Salsa Distributor, you have to either: have sold a food item before OR; be willing to come and work with us for a weekend at a venue (we would furnish the hotel and Gas to the show (1 way) to train you accordingly regarding Food Safety, Health Dept Regulations and Requirements, etc. This is not negotiable.  We want YOU to succeed and will assist you in doing so, but it is ultimately up to YOU to see firsthand if this is something you really want to do.
  • You must get and maintain a Food Handler Permit in accordance with all State and Local Laws and requirements.  Your local Health Dept (Food Safety Division) is always willing to assist you with this.
  • Agree to and adhere to all governing laws regarding Sales Tax (if applicable) collection and payment.  Simple Salsa/EZ Mixes is in no way responsible for the Sales Tax collected on your sales.  Because we are in Texas and have NO Grocery Tax, you will not be charged a Sales Tax on any and ALL purchases; however, you are responsible for Sales Tax (if applicable) in the jurisdiction in which you will be selling items.

These policies and requirements are the reason we are so successful.  We strive for and expect ALL of our Distributors to represent OUR Company and products in a professional, courteous, sanitary, and clean manner.  As WE do not personally allow “Self Serve” and hand EVERY Sample to our customers, this is totally at your discretion.  We just know, after years of doing this what actually works for us and Serving each sample may be a bit slower, but it is also a more sanitary,  safe, and professional way of doing it, PLUS the Health Dept frown on self serve, so this also is better from their standpoint.

Simple Salsa Mix in turn will:

  • Acknowledge receipt of your information via e-mail or phone.
  • Assist you with setting up a sign-in/password-specific account for your company with your wholesale pricing (minimums will apply).
  • Assure product quality and consistency (Please refer to our ABOUT US page), order accuracy, timely fulfillment, and assistance via phone or e-mail.
  • You can also pick a code name for  YOUR Customers, to use when they order online to receive a 15% Discount and YOU will get credit for that order, minus Your Product Cost and a small handling fee. Customers MUST put in your code for you to get credit for the sale.
  • You can have some small Circle stickers made with your CODE and 15% off and Place them on the TOP of the pails of Salsa Seasonings.  In No Way may you cover ANY part of our labels, whether on the pails or other packaging.
  • We will furnish you the first round of products for FREE for making Samples to serve to you potential customers.


Log onto the website with the account information you personally created. On the Navigation Menu click on the word “SHOP’. Click on the desired product. Then add items to the cart to fulfill the minimum purchasing requirement. Repeat this process until all items to fill your order is placed in the cart.


Wholesale Prices will automatically be reflected once Minimums are met specific to that Category.  (Minimums are per accumulative quantity of each CATEGORY of Products, (ie, Salsa Seasonings, Dip Mixes & Specialty Seasonings. Chili, Shakers and so forth). SIGNAGE Simple Salsa Mix requires ALL Wholesaler/Distributor accounts to display signage that we have made which is company and product-specific.  ALL signage MUST be purchased through Simple Salsa/EZ Mixes, with NO exceptions.  Our Banners are a 7oz Polyester Fabric that is washable and extremely durable.  The cost for the banners are as follows:  6′ x 3′ = $163.50,  an 8′ x 4′ = $199.50.  You will be invoiced for this upfront and once you purchase 20 cases of our salsa pails, we will credit you back for the banner.
PIPE & DRAPE (booths)Because we have specific color schemes to represent our company and productwe can and will assist you in getting the proper set up according to our guidelines.  You will be able to purchase these items at OUR Cost if needed.

  • Pick-up the order on an agreed upon date
  • We will make shipping arrangements through a third party to a specified location.
  • Have the product shipped for a fee that is calculated per order. Shipping options are either Fedex, UPS  or Trucking Company.  We will shop for the Best rates possible and give you, the Distributor, the option.
  • IMPORTANT: Shipping Charges will NOT be reflected in your cart and will be charged separately.  We will send a “SHIPPING COST” Invoice to your e-mail through Square for you to pay online.  Once Order & Shipping charges are Paid In Full, your order will ship as soon as possible.  Please Note: Shipping MUST be paid prior to order shipping-No Exceptions


Our wholesale inventory includes; 12 Flavors of Simple Salsa Seasonings, 2 sizes of our Award Winning Chili. 14 Dip and Specialty Seasonings, and 11 Grilling & BBQ Rub Shakers and 2 Stew Seasonings, + 10 No Bake Cracker Seasonings, and 2 Great Stew Mixes. With over 50 Great products available, we offer our customers quite the variety.

Simple Salsa Mix reserves the right to amend the cost and there are NO DISCOUNTS on Wholesale Purchases.


Simple Salsa Mix’s Wholesale Policy is in conjunction with the Term of Use , DisclaimerPrivacy Policy  and Shipping and Payment Policy for all wholesale customers. Please read carefully and If you have any questions, please reach out to us using the Contact Page As we are very particular in regards to our company policies, we just will NOT allow someone to just set up a table and throw a sheet over it.   Our policies and standards are what got us to where we are and we will not deviate from them. Thank you for your interest and we look forward to YOU potentially joining the SIMPLE SALSA/E MIXES team. Rich & Julie –Owners/Creators since 2010