How does the Fundraiser work? We can Help!

Schools,  Scouts, FFA,  Athletics,  Cheerleading,  Band,  Law Enforcement,  Fire Fighters,  EMS,  Churches, and much more!
The secret to a successful fundraising campaign is to sell quality products – available only through your group – at a reasonable price. This is how we help you do just that:
1.  Your organization decides to have a fundraising campaign and the sponsor, or group leader, calls JR Simple Salsa/EZ Mixes to get assistance for your group.
2.  At that time you will be provided with a product lineup based on your needs, goals, number of participants and age ranges .  With our variety of products,  12 Flavors and heat levels of Salsa Seasonings including our New Mexico GREEN HATCH Salsa,  15 Dip Mixes and Specialty seasonings,  (10 Shakers) 3 BBQ Rubs, Grilling Spice and Garlic & Herb, Ranch Dressing Seasoning, South of the Border Seasoning, our NEW Cajun Seasoning, PLUS Ranch Taco Stew Mix & Roadrunner Stew Mix (Hatch Green Chile) and more, plus 2 sizes of 28 time AWARD WINNING Chili Seasoning, we can make a lineup like no one else in the industry.  We will work with you to give you the Special lineup for your needs, not to mention some of the Best Profit Margins available, up to 62%.  We recommend keeping your lineup of products to 12-14 Maximum or less with a good variety from each category.
3.  When your group has decided the dates of your campaign then contact JR Simple Salsa/EZ Mixes to let them know you are planning a sale at least 2 weeks in advance of your order date.  We will design and furnish, FREE of charge, up to 25 Custom Printed FLYERS & ORDER FORMS for your participants. PLEASE NOTE:  There is a Minimum order of 24 Combined units (1cs) of our Salsa Pails regardless.
4.  Each group member takes orders for a suggested period of 10 days to 2 weeks or longer.
5.  Upon ending your campaign, the group leader will collect all orders and turn totals into JR Simple Salsa/EZ Mixes.  In order to keep shipping cost at a minimum, we offer FREE Shipping on all orders of $850.00 and up.  Anything below that we will pay 25% of the shipping, so YOU will never have to pay for ALL of the shipping cost.  There will be a $3.00 per box Handling Fee to cover cost of boxes, tape, packing material, etc, on all orders.
6.  Product delivery is typically made during the week after you call in your order, but we ask for a 2 week lead time to assure 100% Freshness.  Orders are delivered to a central location chosen by the organization. You will be asked if there are any days in the next week that you will not be able to take delivery, so please check your schedule before you call.  We will work our hardest to try and get products to you on requested days and times, but can not guarantee.
7.  Group members then promptly deliver to their individual customers to.  Because of the way we package our products, no refrigeration is needed as the shelf life is quite long; however,  our products cannot be stored in temperatures above 85 degrees for long periods of time and NEVER store in Direct Sunlight.
8.  Upon completion of the order,  you will be provided an invoice which must be paid in full prior to shipping.  No exceptions.   We even ship to you for FREE! (if you meet the minimum requirements)    From the day the order is received by Simple Salsa/EZ Mixes please allow up to 7-10 days lead time on all orders.  We will; however, get the order processed and filled as fast as possible for you.  Orders are filled on first come, first served basis as to be fair to everyone.

9.  JR Simple Salsa/EZ Mixes will replace any items that are damaged due to improper handling during shipping at no cost to the Group.  If your group receives any damaged cases, please take a picture of the damage and document it with the shipping company.  Take an inventory of the damaged products and then, email it to [email protected] with all the information and upload the image(s) for a speedy replacement.

If you have any further questions about our program, or if your group is ready to sell JR Simple Salsa/EZ Mixes, please feel free to give us a call.

936-933-1742 or 1712 ask for Rich or Julie.  We would Love to work with you!

Incentive Program

JR Simple Salsa & EZ Mixes strives to put the fun in fundraising. To encourage better sales for your group, we offer an incentive program in conjunction with  Visa.   This program is designed to motivate your group members by rewarding the top-selling person, or persons with great prizes.
More Points = More Prizes!
The prizes are based on a point system. The more products your group sells, the more prizes you earn for your top sellers.
Every Package of DIPS, Chili, or Shakers  are worth 2 points.
Every NEW PAIL of Simple Salsa are worth 3 points.
Every large 18oz (1lb 2 oz) of Chili Seasoning  is worth 5 points.
The points are based on each Fundraiser and are not cumulative.   The total number of points that your group earns is applied to the following scale:  Product cost is based on your Fundraiser Pricing.

300 points = $30.00 worth of FREE Products (you choose) + $25.00 Visa Card

600 points = $60.00 worth of FREE Products (you choose) + $50.00 Visa Card

1200 points = $120.00 worth of FREE Products (you choose) + $100.00 Visa Card

For each additional 300 points you will receive an additional $30.00 worth of FREE Products (you pick)

After your sale, determine what you need and E-MAIL YOUR ORDER to:  [email protected]  We will reply to let you know we have received your order form.

If you have any questions about the Incentive Program please contact us at 936-933-1742 or 1712,  Monday-Friday between 9 am-5 pm (CST). Thank you for your business and good luck with your sales!

Sales Materials

Here are a couple of pieces of promotional material that may help you improve your sales. You will need to have Adobe Reader installed on your computer to download these files. You can download a free copy of Adobe Reader at