We have the BEST Customers (Testimonials)

I love your EZ Mixes Chili, but the story here is my dog, Apollo LOVES it too.  I HAVE to make his meal with your Chili and he lets me know that I cannot be without it.  Wanted to share with you just how much he loves it. Thanks, George P Texas.





Bought the salsa mix in October last year at a Covered Bridge Festival in Mansfield, Indiana. The salsa was great, trying the chili mix today, it’s 14° outside in Southern Indiana. Had to knock down the heat a bit for my Yankee family, but this former Texan (Nacogdoches) loved it. Can’t wait to get some more.  Andy K. Indiana

We bought the Inferno and Jalapeno Lime salsa mix at an Outdoors Sports Show after sampling each. This stuff is absolutely the best. I love how simple it is to make. It’s inexpensive, convenient and tastes terrific. We are very happy and will be customers for the foreseeable future! I can’t wait to try other flavors and spices.  Mike B. Nebraska

Best Chili Co.,

I’m 68 years old and have eaten a many bowls of chili – your mix is the best dang chili mix I’ve ever had. My wife followed the instructions to the “T” and it was simply the best I’ve ever had. Kudo’s to you and your company.   Thanks, John A. Little Rock, AR.

I love the salsa mix and the chili mix. I haven’t actually made salsa yet. I actually use the salsa mix with mayo and sour cream or Greek yogurt. It’s so good with cucumbers or pork rinds which really helps when I’m doing low-carb.  Sharon K.   Texas

I wasn’t sure how I would like this. I bought it based on the “Hatch green chile”. I did mix it with my Hatch version of Rotel and was not a huge fan cause lets face it, canned tomatoes can be yucky. So last night I diced my own tomatoes and put in some of my Hatch green chile I have in my fridge, then added this mix to it. OMG!!!! Best ever. Will definitely buy again when I run out.     Crystal V.  Oklahoma

I love this Salsa!!! I have gotten friends & family loving this salsa as well!!  Steven C.  OKLAHOMA

Tried your Salas at a trade show. Have only tried one of the salsa mixes at home, absolutely amazing. Can’t wait to try the other 3 we purchased.
We also purchased the Roadrunner Stew mix. I made a huge mistake. I bought the smaller package. I should have bought the large mix package. My family LOVED it. It is delicious, very filling.
My next order definitely getting the larger one.
Thank you for making such great products. When you say E-Z mix, it is just that easy.    Sherrie P.  Missouri

Love love love these products! The salsa is delish and the chili will spoil you right out of the gate. We love chili…..this is our all time go-to and favorite of friends and family!  Deb Thomas   TEXAS

Your CHILI seasoning is the absolute best ever! Every time I make it I try to “hide” a little bowl for the next day, but the family makes sure there is nothing left! Love the dips and I’ll have to order the taco seasoning…I’m certain it is amazing too! Found you all at the Affair of the Heart show in Tulsa, OK.   Anita H.   Oklahoma

We love Simple Salsa products!!! Customer satisfaction at its finest!!! I am so impressed with this company and will continue to do business with them!!! Thank you so much!  Cindy J.  Arkansas

Best chili in Davidson County, NC (I have the trophy!!)  PHIL G.   North Carolina

The sweet rib rub and chili seasoning is the absolute best I have used. I will not use any other. The sweet rib rub has the absolute best taste and is not too spicy at all. Absolutely love these seasonings!!  Donna D.  Oklahoma

OK, let’s be honest…you all should be arrested! This salsa mix should literally be illegal, because it is so good! I was a complete sceptic, having tried other “quick” salsas, and also being from California -we’re spoiled with amazing salsas. But I gave you a try, and, no joke, blown away. I have kept a container of Fiesta Medium in my fridge constantly since my purchase, and have recently purchased more seasonings to try…..probably not the best decision on my part because now I’ll have to get another job just to pay for my SIMPLE SALSA addiction!!!  I REGRET NOTHING!!!!   Tom B.  California

Really DIG your products! The Chili Mix is the best I’ve ever had….Taco mix was utilized this past Sunday and I ate tacos for 6 straight days….a bit too aggressive, for sure, but very, very tasty!   Very much looking forward to enjoying the Pinto Bean mix (with smoked Turkey Leg, as suggested) and the meatloaf/meatball mix, too!  Of course, the Salsa Mix is awesome, as well!  Too darned easy!!  I was skeptical, admittedly, but l LOVE your stuff!  Respectfully and thankfully yours,   Brent Dayton

Early June I placed an order for several items, and requested Cajun rice if you had any left.  Well,   you found me a packet and sent it to me,  at no charge,  early Christmas.  You know how much I love your product and it’s my favorite gift basket item,  for any basket.  You guys have customer service I don’t find anymore,  so sad.  Thanks for your continued amazing product, and your continued friendly attitude to us,  your customer. I look forward to keeping my friends and family supplied with their favorite flavor and trying your new products.  Thanks,    Donna F.

I am working on trying every one of their products, I keep 6-8 cans of salsa, taco seasoning(best ever), chili mix, dips. It all works, rave reviews from friends, no matter what flavor I bring from this line. I make the best gift baskets using these products, loved by all. Another great perk, MADE IN AMERICA!!! Great staff, best customer service, I’m their fan for life.
DONNA F.  Arkansas, but definitely a Texas girl
These make the Best salsa and Dip ever!
Dawn L.    Oklahoma
I bought a can of the mild seasoning during my visit at Old Washington. I’ve made salsa and the sour cream chip dip. It is the best dip! I’ve taken them to parties and people love it! Great stuff to have on hand for get together!
Kendra S.  Arkansas
I initially bought this Fiesta Hot at a fair in Georgia. It was the best purchase I’ve ever made at a fair. It is super delicious. I like to use it to make salsa, but I also use this (Fiesta Hot) and the bacon one to make a dip. Oh my goodness, the combination is spectacular. Everyone who tries it loves it.
Sherrie A — Georgia
I purchased the hot green hatch mix at the outdoor show in OKC a few weeks ago. Finally had a chance to make my own salsa. This is hands down an outstanding salsa mix. I was really skeptical it would not taste the same as the sample at the booth. Fortunately, I was wrong. My wife is very picky about salsa & she even approved. I’ll definitely buy more. Thanks!!!!
I can’t be without the chili season mix or the Ranch taco soup mix. Best ever.
Carolyn W. Texas
So we bought the Fiesta Salsa mix at a festival in Arkansas. Super easy and makes a quick enjoyable salsa when you have unexpected guests. But, it has quickly become the not so secret ingredient to our new favorite vegetable soup It’s perfect! Ground meat, noodles, vegetable, and this mix. It is so good!
L. Richards  Arkansas
Thank you for the great quality products and being such a great company to work with. I appreciate you and look forward to doing business with you in the future.
Robert R.  Arkansas
People, try the Pinto bean seasoning.  Truly makes the best pot of beans I have ever tasted!
Darla M.  Arkansas
I love your company, products and the customer service.
Trish A.  Texas
So just opened my first can of simple salsa mix after purchasing at a large fair. Tastes soooooo good and such a good price. I’m headed to the beach soon and am excited about taking some mix on the trip. Also going to purchase a bunch for stocking stuffers. Could not be easier to make salsa!
Robin C.    Georgia
I brought the bacon sour cream dip to my daughter -n- laws baby shower and it was a hit.. Kids and adults were all impressed.. Very good
Sherry C.  Texas
This stuff is awesome! My favorite is mixing it with guac. Talk about easy… more like cheating. Everyone thinks I got all this time in a recipe… nope.
Larry C.  Texas
I just wanted to say last night I stirred up a batch of Fiesta Hot salsa and may I say – it’s a game changer! That stuff was DEE-LICIOUS! It was so tasty that I had the remainder of it (not much!) for breakfast. I love the fresh taste and that it is better than restaurant quality. Many thanks!
Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for a very Prosperous New Year!
Paula M.
I was visiting my daughter in OK in July. We went to a craft show and you were there handing out samples. I bought the garden fresh medium. I am so in love with this mix, and I just ordered 2 more. My family loves it also!!! It is so easy to make!! I probably make it once a week for football games and it is a BIG hit.
S. Shelly, Nevada
Everytime I make salsa its usually gone before I even get a bite! My family loves the salsa mix! Easiest salsa ever!!!
Tammy S.  Arkansas
There is no question,  this is the best salsa I’ve ever had and when you consider what you get And when you consider the amount you get out of a can of mix, it’s the cheapest too!
Matt S.
I just wanted to let you know I’m super impressed with the quality of your product!!! I’m using for corporate marketing and love the sizes, can design and packaging as well.  I can’t wait to incorporate more into future projects.  Thank you! Susan Susan Cockrell, CIC, CISR, ACSR, CPIA Sr. Territory Manager
JR Simple Salsa has remodeled my entire cooking method. Now the only seasoning choice I have to make is how many scoops of JR Simple Salsa mix I need to add to my recipe! Mucho mas bueno!
Anthony Dunn, Texas
This chili mix has us spoiled to it! I never ate chili before I tried this and now we keep it in stock! Thank you for a great tasting chili!   
Lori S.  Louisiana
Bought your EZ Mixes Chili seasoning at a show in South Texas and I will tell you that this is by far the BEST Chili I have ever had.   The flavor is unmatched.  I thought my recipe was good–until I tried yours–WOW! 
Thanks for a great product.   Scotty M.
Another group satisfied and enjoying Simple Salsa from Missouri.  Thank you for a Great Product.
Enjoying our SIMPLE SALSA from Tokyo, Japan
Thank you for the great fundraiser.  I think it was a big success and we will probably want to do it again in the future.  You have a great product and are very professional to deal with. 
Thanks again.   Robert R.  FFA Director   Whitehouse Central High Scool FFA
Just wanted to tell you that your grilling seasonings are the best I have every used and my family has come to where if I don’t put it on my steaks and tri-tip they ask what is wrong with it. The others are also good but I think the Grilling Spice is the best. Just wanted to say GREAT JOB!!!  
I just wanted to let you know how much we love your salsa mix.  My husband used to beg me to make my home made salsa.   One day he pulled a bowl out of the refrigerator and said I should try “his” homemade salsa. I was skeptical, to say the least, but I tried it and I was quite shocked.  It was delicious (I told him it was pretty good but I just couldn’t tell him it was as good as my homemade salsa-but it was!)  I couldn’t figure out how he did it. Later I found the can of JR Simple Salsa Mix in the pantry,  so now I know how he did it! As far as I’m concerned, he can keep on doing it.   Your Simple Salsa Mix is GREAT! Thanks so much for a great American Made Product.
Dawn (and Dennis) Waggoner
 I received your spicy (hot) salsa dry mix as part of a care package and I really enjoyed it… reminded me of home (Wharton, Texas). I was wondering if you could accommodate my US Military overseas mailing address by shipping via standard USPS so we can get another tub of it. All the guys over here are really enjoying it with a can of pre-diced tomatoes that we get shipped on a regular basis…. sure beats making spaghetti out of them!

Thank you, Daniel (Armed Services)

A shout out from the USAF overseas. One can of this stuff made a ton of hungry soldiers HAPPY AS ANYTHING. I have a lot of salsa in my life but this stuff with a can of tomatoes is PURE BLISS. D (Armed Services)

My wife and I love your product and want info about possibly becoming distributors.

Thanks!    R & M Wall

Hello! just tried your simply salsa at a potluck last night and LOVED it!! please e-mail me info about becoming a dist. we are fulltime rv’ers and my mail is forwarded from our TX address. we don’t live there! looking forward to hearing from you. thank you.     Jody M

We purchased a container of your product recently at the Livingston Texas Trade Days. My wife and I were both impressed with the flavor and the simplicity of putting together a Great tasting Salsa.

Thanks Ricky & Cindy J

I really love this stuff and am thinking of Christmas gifts!  Thanks. R.T

Love your salsa and would like to talk about selling. Retired and would like extra income. G.A.

I bought this mix at a fair and really like it. Thanks, Diana

Thanks for such a quality product.  Don W.

Great stuff. Bought some last year at Canton. Love it!   Pam A.

Bought a can of this at the Houston Boat Show and we love it!!!
Jean S.

My husband and I love this stuff. We use it on lots of things like seasoning steaks, rice, hot sauce, & breakfast burritos! The list can go on and on!!!   Kathy C.

Both my friend and I were volunteering at the HER Expo in Wichita, KS and told ourselves we were not going to buy anything….After a taste of the samples, we both walked away with a purchase! YUMMY-way better than jar salsa and way quicker/easier than making it ‘homemade’.

Thanks! Sami K.
I bought this as a gift for my salsa-loving son!! It has become a family favorite!! It’s quick and easy for my son to make, cost effective, and SO YUMMY!! Met y’all at Ware on C in December. Reminded me of kinfolk. Y’all are so kind and the product is beyond delicious!! I’m so glad I met and purchased from y’all!!     
JEANNINE R.  Oklahoma