Some of the most common questions:

Q. I Love Super Spicy.  Will you ever come out with a blend that is REALLY REALLY HOT?
A.  You know for over 3 years now, I get that question A LOT!  We are planning on coming out with a SUPER HOT blend in 2024, BUT it will cost more due to the cost of the product we will use.  Not going to give away my secret just yet, BUT IT WILL BE HOT!  Keep an eye out for it sometime next year.
Q. Will you ever come out with a NO SALT Blend?
A.  We get this question quite a bit and completely understand there are many out there that have Salt Restrictive Diets for health reasons.  I am looking into it, BUT, Cost and Quality are major factors.   While I can tell you I have entertained the idea, It is really not as easy as you think to maintain superb flavor, BUT we are considering it.  I have to be able to justify the cost to launch vs the return on investment not to mention the flavor profile, so you can see they are a lot of variables involved.
Q.  Is the economy hurting your company?
A. That is a wonderful question and the answer is YES!  Like any business, the increase in raw materials has gone up drastically over the last 2 years.  Although we have NOT changed our Business Model because of it and never will.  We Still offer the BEST Quality products to our customers and will not sacrifice our quality just to save a few cents.  We, like all companies, have had to make price adjustments to stay profitable, but the inflation has certainly caused our margins to thin down.
Q. Do you plan on changing your packaging?  Your little Salsa Pails are wonderful.
A. Another GREAT question.  We DO Love our little Mini Pails and as long as the pricing does not increase anymore than it has over the last 2 years, we will stay with them; however, we also have to take many variables into play and monitor them closely.  We have been looking for an alternative, just in case, but as of now, we will stay with them.
Q. Are you going to be coming out with NEW Products?
A.  Absolutely.  We are always trying to improve, grow and come up with new products.  We have several that we introduced in 2021 like our Carne/Pollo Asada Seasoning, South of the Border Seasoning, Bulgogi (Korean BBQ) Seasoning, and a Cajun Rice as well as our New RANCH TACO STEW & Now in 2022 Our NEW ROADRUNNER (Green Hatch) STEW Seasoning and customers LOVE THEM!  We just came out with our New Cracker Seasonings here in April 2022 and people are loving them as well.  10 New Flavors that can also be used for many other things.  Of course, ALL are MSG Free as well.  We launched our new CAJUN SEASONING in May 2022–YUM!!
Q.  Has the Pandemic hurt your business?
A.  We get this question A LOT lately, and the answer is YES. With all of our shows canceling for us and our Distributors and ALL of our accounts, we have taken a huge hit this year like many have.  We give praise to our Lord & Savior that our online sales have helped us out to offset it a little.  We are all in this together and we hope and pray that we can return to some type of normalcy very soon. Our heart goes out to all of those that have lost their business through this whole thing.  We are very determined and dedicated and we keep our faith, so I believe we will prevail.
Q.  Are your products safe during this pandemic?
A.  This is a Great question and the answer is YES.  You have to understand that we have such strict guidelines on quality assurance as well does ALL of our suppliers.  We take every precaution nescessary to assure quality and safety from every step all the way to the customer. The Health Departments have become even more strict on us and we are actually glad.
Q.  I noticed that a few of your items are in different packages, Why?
A.  To be honest, this pandemic has caused a lot of havoc across our great nation from the manufacturing stand point.  Certain items are almost impossible to get right now and we, like many are having to make changes and adjust accordingly.  Some manufacturers have a 20-30 WEEK lead time and we just cannot wait so we have to make adjustments to be able to fullfill our customers needs.  Believe me, we want to get back to normal as much as everyone else.
Q.  Do you make all your products?
A.  We have grown so much that we now use a 3rd generation, Family Owned Co-Packer now who is FDA & USDA approved and inspected for the manufacturing of our products.  They are 50 years strong and wonderful to deal with not to mention their quality and standards are a step above.  Their facility is so clean you could eat off the floor.  That is extremely important to us.
Q.  Are you a new company?
A.  We get this asked a lot and the answer is NO, we have been going strong for 11 years and continue to grow every year.  We have a great following because we take care of our customers as you should, PLUS-ALL of our products are MSG FREE!
Q.  How does your product compare to other salsa seasonings or jarred salsa?
A.  We believe we have the BEST Salsas seasonings out of all our competitors and have been told that by many of 1000’s of people over the years.  As far as jarred salsa, compare $3.50-$4.00 or more a pint for them and ours is $1.70 or less WITH the Tomatoes so you see, that is at least a 50% saving, PLUS a great seasoning for many recipes too.  We do have our SAMPLER pk for you to try each and every flavor before you buy the can.
Q.  Are your products MSG FREE?
A.  Absolutely!  We use No 1 Grade Ingredients so we do not have to use MSG.
Q.  Are your products Gluten FREE?
A.  95% ARE Gluten Free as well, but there are a few that do contain Gluten but only 6-7.
Q.  How far in advance do you package your products and what is the shelf life?
A.  This is a Great Question.  ALL of our products are manufactured within 2-3 weeks or sooner when customers purchase them.  We actually have all our Salsa Blends packaged in a 3 mil thick FOIL Freshness pouch and then place that into our can.  When YOU, the customer opens the Freshness pouch, the shelf life is 18-24 months at least.  All of our Dips, Specialty Seasonings and Chili are packaged in a 5 mil foil pouch to preserve freshness.  We use these because they really hold the integrity of the product until you use them.
Q.  Do you use any Dairy or Fillers in your product?
A.  ALL of our products are Preservative FREE and we do not use fillers of any kind.  Just great Spices and Seasonings.  Our RANCH Blends do contain Sweet Cream Buttermilk, which is a normal ingredient for Ranch Flavors.
Q.  Are your Salsa mixes Only for Salsa?
A.  Absolutely not.  In addition to making a wonderful tasting Salsa, they all make a Great Dip and are wonderful to use in many recipes that we have on our Recipe page as well.  They are all very versatile not to mention Delicious.
Q. Are your products produced in a facility where they handle Nuts?
A.  NO,  it is very important for us to have the highest standards of quality control and will not subject our products to allergins such as Nuts of any kind.
Q.  Is your Chili Seasoning also Gluten-Free?
A.  Our Chili seasoning is not only Gluten FREE, but MSG FREE and Preservative free too. 
Q.  What kind of meat can you use with your Chili Seasoning?
A.  Beef, Chicken, Elk, Venison, Turkey, Bison, and the list is endless.  It is Great with all of them.
Q.  Do you have a HOT(spicy) Chili?
A.  We have just one heat level.  It would be too difficult to try and figure out what heat level everyone likes, so you can add your own heat to your liking.  We are all about Flavor and will put our chili against any others.
Q.  Your Chili says “Award Winning”,  How many Awards do you have?
A.  Yes, it is, we currently have 28 Awards in Chili Cook-Off’s and hope to get more real soon.  We are very proud of our chili and ALL of our products.
Q.  Do you have any NO SALT products?
A.  No, I am sorry we do not; however, we have many products that are relatively low in sodium, But none that are SALT-FREE.  We are thinking about making one but just have not gotten the chance just yet.
Q.  Do all your mixes have sugar in them?
A.  No, as a matter of fact, we have several that do not have any sugar at all.  Our  Garden Fresh is sugar-free.  Most contain small amounts of sugar that even diabetics can eat.  My father was Diabetic and ate them until the day he passed.
Q.  Will I be able to continue to buy your products in the future?
A.  We get that question all the time.  We have been in business going on 12 years so we must be doing something right and we are growing all the time.  We have no plans on going anywhere any time soon.
Q.  What is your return policy.
A.  Another great question.  Our return policy is really very simple.  Because we are dealing with Food Items, we cannot have it returned; however, we are more than willing to work with people if at all possible.  We are very proud that we have only had one person in 12 years that wanted to return the item due to the wrong flavor.  Let’s just say we made them happy.
Q.  Do all of your Salsa Seasonings have Cilantro?
A.  Yes, they do.  Cilantro is one of if not the primary ingredients in salsa.  We are looking into making one without it and probably will in the future.  We know there are a lot of people that do not like cilantro.
Q.  I noticed you have GREEN HATCH salsa too.  What is that?
A.  I love this question.  New Mexico is actually the Worlds largest grower of Chili Peppers.  The HATCH CHILI is what they are really known far and the taste is unmatched.  We have hooked up with the growers in the Hatch Valley to bring these to you.  Hatch peppers come is Mild, Medium, Hot and Very Hot.  We have Mild & Hot in our Salsa Blends and then a good Medium in our New Green Hatch Chile Sauce Seasoning which is another staple of New Mexico.  The Green Hatch Chile Sauce is absolutely wonderful on Enchiladas, Burritos, Omelletes, and Chicken too.  It is great to make a Pork Stew with as well.
Q.  Do you have Dip Mixes?
A.  Yes, we do,  and they are delightful.  Each package of our dip mixes will make a 16-24 oz Sour Cream, but I tell customers to use them for other things as well.  Let me give you an example,  use our Jalapeno Ranch,  Ranch or Chipotle Ranch dip mixes to make a salad dressing, or use our Smokehouse to season Ground Beef for Hamburgers.  I like to think outside the box.  Remember, these are Spices and Seasonings,  What else can you use them for?
Q.  Are your Grilling Seasonings and BBQ Rubs MSG & Gluten Free too?
A.  ALL are MSG FREE, but our BBQ Rubs are not Gluten Free.  Our South of the Border, Garlic & Herb, Cajun  and All-Around are all Gluten Free as well.
Q.  Where are you based out of?
A.  We are located in the great state of TEXAS in Tyler.  We have been here for many years.
Q.  Where else can we buy your products, are you in stores?
A.  We are not in large retail stores and have no desire to go there.  We do many shows around the country and have several distributors that sell our products.  You can always give us a call and we can tell you where someone will be or you can just order here online.
Q.  Can I sell your products and get wholesale pricing?
A.  Absolutely.  We do have standards and certain guidelines that our Distributors have to meet in order to represent our company and products.  Wholesale pricing is available, but in order to get it, you will have to call me so we can speak for a few minutes.
Q.  I have a store and would like to carry a few products.  What are your minimums for small retail establishments?
A.  We do offer smaller minimums for small retail establishments, at a little higher price than say a Distributor would have, But still, a good margin for you to make money.  You will have to call to discuss this option.
Q.  Do you support our Military?
A.  This is such a great question and the answer is ABSOLUTELY 100%.  We believe if it were not for the men and women who served and are currently serving our great nation, we would not be able to do what we do and to ALL OF YOU—–THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS EACH OF YOU!  If you see us at a show, please let us know and we will give you our Military Discount (with military ID), shake your hand give you a great big Thank YOU!  The same goes for all law Enforcement and First Responders.
Q.  How do I become a Distributor or representative of Simple Salsa?
A.  As we are looking for great hard-working people to sell our products, there are some things that we must first do.  First, we want to speak to you so we can get to know a little about you.  Explain the process and see if you have the desire to come and work with us and see for yourself how we do things.  Second, we will layout our guidelines and what we expect from you as a distributor and we will go from there.  Even though you would not be working for us directly, you would be representing our company and products and want YOU to be successful.  We know what we are doing and how to sell our line and will work diligently to make sure you too, are a success.
Q.  Do you sell in Bulk?
A Most definitely.  You can buy 1 lb or 50 lbs.  we have several Restaurants that buy in bulk from us and have for years.  For anything over 2 lbs, just give us a call and we will be glad to get you the pricing.
A.  Yes, we have several people that we private label for.  We DO NOT private label our pails of Simple Salsa; however, we have several packaging remedies for you.  Please understand, we do not make, design or have Labels printed for you, that is entirely up to you, but we can assist you with furnishing the Ingredient list and Nutritional Facts for your labels to be printed.  Certain Minimums do apply for private labeling, but I would be happy to discuss the options and process with you.
Q.  I would love to do something like this, but I am terrified of Health Departments.  Are they hard to deal with?
A.  This is the most asked question for people that have never sold food items.  I will tell you we have NEVER had an issue with a Health Dept.  Each one will be glad to assist you and give you their required guidelines.  If you follow those you will be fine.  We would be more than glad to speak with you and help you along the way.  Remember, they just do not want you to make anyone ill nor should you.
Q.  We noticed at a show that you do not let people self serve–Why not?
A.  Thank you for noticing.  The reason is to prevent cross-contamination.  By US serving everyone, we eliminate that 100%.  It is more time consuming, but we do it for sanitary reasons, also to control the number of samples and it also gives us a chance to actually talk to the customer and get feedback.  We love our customers and we have had many make comments to us how much they like the way we serve people.  I have had literally hundreds tell me that they would not have stopped otherwise.
Q.  What kind of Tomatoes do I need to use?
A.  This is probably the #1 asked question we get.  We use many different brands, ie Hunts, Red Gold, Etc and we like the Petite Diced 14.5oz cans to 1 scoop of seasoning.  You will notice at a show that we blend the tomatoes and that is because we find a lot of people do not like the chunks,  that is a personal preference.  At home, we use FRESH Tomatoes which is absolutely delightful!  Short answer–any kind of tomatoes you and your family like is fine.
Q.  What sizes do your Salsa Seasonings come in and how much will they make?
A.  Really good question.  We only have the one size which is 8.5oz.  Each 8.5 oz can yields approx 18 Pints of Great tasting Salsa.  Keep in mind, it is also great with Sour Cream to make a dip too.
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