About Us

Who Are We....

JR Simple Salsa/EZ Mixes is a food ingredients “solutions” company that specializes in seasonings, spices, and flavors. With over 12 years of experience in the flavor business, we pride ourselves on developing and offering a wide spectrum of products that can be used by our customers.

Who do we sell to....

We manufacture and sell a wide variety of products from Salsa Seasonings, Dip Mixes, BBQ & Grilling Spices, Chili Seasoning, and other specialty blends to customers all over the country well as many restaurants and specialty boutiques. 


As a Independently-owned and operated business, JR Simple Salsa/EZ Mixes is dedicated to providing the best quality ingredients and courteous service at reasonable prices. All seasonings are manufactured and packed under strict FDA & USDA Regulations, on a bi-weekly basis to guarantee freshness by the time it reaches your kitchen. Our goal is to be your Spice and Seasoning experts and to provide you with any information we can to make your cooking and eating experience more flavorful and enjoyable. 

Our motto is: Take your tastebuds on an Unforgettable Journey!


We are committed to providing only the finest quality of spices and seasonings available. We know that a meal is only as good as the ingredients that make it up and therefore we only sell the best quality available. We continuously work with our suppliers to ensure that we are receiving the best quality available and closely inspect every product before sending it to our customers.

Hello,  We are Julie & Rich Kemp, Owners & Creators of JR Simple Salsa/EZ Mixes.  We are located in Tyler, Tx.  We started our company back in 2010 and Thanks to you, our loyal customers, we have grown tremendously over the years.  Thank you for all your support, it certainly means a great deal to us as entrepreneurs.  We are constantly working to bring out New Products as well as improve our current products.  Because of our dedicated customers telling us so, we know that we are “America’s Favorite Salsa Seasonings” due to our superb flavors and variety.  We appreciate you taking the time to visit our website and whether your looking for a fantastic Salsa, delightful Dip or an AWARD WINNING CHILI Seasoning, rest assured, we’ve got you covered.  Take Your Taste Buds on an Unforgettable journey, with Simple Salsa/EZ Mixes!
 May the Lord bless each of you and keep you safe in all of YOUR life’s journeys.  Be sure and thank our Military, past and present. Remember, with out them, we could not do what we do.
Julie & Rich

Examining Our Products

Gluten Free 98%
MSG Free 100%
Perservative Free 100%

Over 10,000,000 pints of delicious salsa, hundreds of thousands pots of chili, dips, ribs, briskets, steaks and more delightfully seasoned with our wonderful blends. Our dedicated fan base are the winners. Mix, Smoke, Fry, Bake, or Grill, you will-Take your Tastebuds on an Unforgettable Journey!

We Offer Fabulous Opportunities


Available for Schools, FFA, Athletics, Cheerleading, Band,  Law Enforcement, Fire Fighters, EMS, Churches, and more! 

Private Labeling

There is no business like your business. We will love to help get you started on your way to ongoing success. 

Cooking Tips

Look over some of the Do’s and Don’ts that we have listed for you to enhance your cooking or grilling awareness.

Specialty Stores/Boutiques

We offer Wholesale Pricing for Independently Owned Business’ on our complete line of Great Products.


We appreciate every patron. We show our gratitude by awarding redeemable points on purchases.


Over 50 wonderful recipes you can use to make some delicious meals using our affordable products.