Private Labels

Starting your own business is both exciting and daunting. That’s why Simple Salsa guides you through every step of the process. Whether you have your own blend recipe or want to use one of our products, we’ve got you covered.

How Private Labeling Works

  • 1

    Craft Your Strategy

    Figure out your target audience and marketing approach.

  • 2

    Design Your Look

    Decide on the look and style of your product.

  • 3

    Labeling Support

    While we don’t do the design work or print labels ourselves, we connect you with trusted partners who bring your branding dreams to life.

Minimum Requirements

  • Each product has a preset minimum quantity.
  • The quantity displayed on the dropdown menu indicates the number of items you’ll receive.
  • For example, if the quantity shows (1) and you need to buy 12 packs of an item, you’ll get 12 or 24 packs each time you add it.
  • We’ll provide the ingredient list and nutritional facts for each product you purchase.


  • Wholesale prices are shown when you add products to your cart.


  • After receiving your order, we’ll email you a shipping invoice.
  • Once the shipping payment is processed, we’ll ship your order.
  • You can pay the shipping invoice online through Square or PayPal before your order ships.
  • Please note that shipping and handling fees must be paid in full before we ship your order. No CODs.

Sample Option

Interested in trying before committing? Contact us for samples that are deductible from your first order as a Private Label account (1 sample per flavor, maximum 20 samples).