Private Labeling

How we can help you…

First and foremost, here at SIMPLE SALSA / EZ MIXES, we understand even the thought of starting a business can be a bit scary, but exciting as well.  Rest assured that we have been through this and certainly know the emotional rollercoaster of a venture such as this, but what a wonderfully exciting time it can be.
If you have developed your own unique creation and would like it produced/packaged; or one of OUR existing blends that you would like to put your company’s name on, we can assist you.  At Simple Salsa / EZ Mixes we take pride in working with people looking to create and expand upon new ideas.  If you have your own recipe(s), rest assured it WILL be protected.  That is YOUR Proprietary Blend and it will be protected just as ours are.  

What we require…

*NOW, with 12 Salsa Blends, 9 Dip Mixes, 28 Time AWARD Winning Chili Seasoning,  5 Specialty Seasonings–Guacamole Seasoning, Taco Seasoning, Pinto Bean Seasoning,  Fajita Seasoning, and 11 BBQ Rubs/Grilling Seasonings, and 10 No Bake Cracker Seasonings, and 2 Great Stew Seasonings, we can certainly offer a variety.  For even MORE Information on our PRIVATE LABELING-CLICK HERE
*The most important component to private labeling is the “idea” or “concept” as well as a major key to being successful with your project is determining who your customer base is and how you want to market your product.  There are many different avenues that you can take to get the  product to market, but having a general idea of how you want to sell your product is imperative before it is worth your investment.
Lastly, you need to have an idea of how you want your product to look and the type of labeling and packaging you would like to see.  
*We are very knowledgeable in the Spice business,  and we do work with one of the best labeling companies in the market and would be more than happy to refer you to the appropriate people that can help you get your creative ideas onto paper. Labels are your sole responsibility. *As we do not design or print Labels for customers, we will be glad to apply YOUR labels to your packaging. (additional fees will apply).
*With our great line of products and whether you are wanting to start small or go all out, we can help.  We offer low minimums and have a wide array of products to choose from.  The top-quality ingredients that we use in our own products are thoroughly inspected for accuracy upon completion.  Your satisfaction is our only goal as we will work with you to ensure that we meet and exceed your expectations.  
**Interested in Samples?  Please contact us by phone.  Samples are $1.25 each + S & H.  This amount will be deducted from your first order when you sign up and order as a Private Label account.  Please note: Only 1 sample per flavor, Maximum 20 samples.
Start your OWN Business today!    Contact us for more Info.–click here