Meat & Potato Breakfast Burritos

What you will need:

Flour Tortillas–6-8,  Eggs–6-8, 2-3 Scoops Fiesta Medium Salsa Seasoning (Divided), 1 lb Ground Beef, 1/3 cup Chopped Onion, 1 Medium Potato-cut into 1/4″ cubes, Grated Cheddar Cheese, Conalo Oil, 2-3 TBS Butter, 1–1.5oz Can Petite Diced Tomatoes. 1 Jalapeno or /14 cup Bell Pepper–Chopped, 1/3 cup Fresh Cilantro

For Salsa–Add 1 scoop + 1 14.5oz can of Petite Diced Tomatoes (mix well and set aside)


In a skillet, over medium heat, add oil, bring to temp, add Potatoes and onions, and cook until done–Set aside, Cook ground meat in the skillet,  along with jalapenos or bell peppers and when 80% done, add 1 1/2 – 2 scoops of FiestA Medium Salsa seasonings.  Cook until done.  Add potatoes back into skillet and bring back to temp, add whipped eggs and cook until done.

Heat butter in a separate skillet and heat tortillas, remove when hot, and add meat and potato mixture and cilantro and salsa. Roll into a burrito and ENJOY!