Quality fresh 60 second simple salsa in a snap.  MSG and GLUTEN FREE.  Worlds best salsa seasoning, great for taco meat, meatloaf, chicken, and pork
Quality fresh 60 second simple salsa in a snap.  MSG and GLUTEN FREE.  Worlds best salsa seasoning, great for taco meat, meatloaf, chicken, and pork
Quality fresh 60 second simple salsa in a snap.  MSG and GLUTEN FREE.  Worlds best salsa seasoning, great for taco meat, meatloaf, chicken, and pork

936-933-1712  (Julie)  
 936-933-1742 (Rich)
M-F  9-5

Bought your EZ Mixes Chili seasoning at a show in South Texas and I will tell you that this is by far the BEST Chili I have ever had.   The flavor is unmatched.  I thought my recipe was good--until I tried yours--WOW!  Thanks for a great product.   Scotty M.

Another group satisfied and enjoying Simple Salsa from Missouri. 
Thanks for the pic!

Enjoying SIMPLE SALSA from Tokyo, Japan

Thank you for the great fundraiser.  I think it was a big success and we will probably want to do it again in the future.  You have a great
product and are very professional to deal with.  Thanks again.       Robert R.      FFA Director       Whitehouse Central High Scool FFA

Just wanted to tell you that your grilling seasonings are the best I have every used and my family has come to where if I don’t put
it on my steaks and tri-tip they ask what is wrong with it. The others are also good but I think the Grilling Spice is the best. Just wanted to say GREAT JOB!!!   RONNIE--Arkansas

I just wanted to let you know how much we love your salsa mix.  My husband used to beg me to make my home made salsa.   One day he pulled a bowl out of the refrigerator and said I should try "his" homemade salsa.
 was skeptical, to say the least, but I tried it and I was quite shocked.  It was delicious (I told him it was pretty good but I just couldn't tell him it was as good as my homemade salsa-but it was!)  I couldn't
figure out how he did it. Later I found the can of JR Simple Salsa Mix in the pantry,  so now I know how he did it! As far as I'm concerned, he can keep on doing it.   Your Simple Salsa Mix is GREAT! Thanks so much for a great American Made Product.
Dawn (and Dennis) Waggoner

     I received your spicy (hot) salsa dry mix as part of a care package and I really enjoyed it... reminded me of home (Wharton, Texas). I was wondering if you could accommodate my US Military overseas mailing address by shipping via standard USPS so we can get another tub of it. All the guys over here are really enjoying it with a can of pre-diced tomatoes that we get shipped on a regular basis.... sure beats making spaghetti out of them! Thank you, Daniel (Armed Services)

A shout out from the USAF overseas. One can of this stuff made a ton of hungry soldiers HAPPY AS ANYTHING. I have a lot of salsa in my life but this stuff with a can of tomatoes is PURE BLISS. D (Armed Services)

         My wife and I love your product and want info about possibly becoming distributors. Thanks! R & M Wall

Hello! just tried your 
simply salsa at a potluck last night and LOVED it!! please e-mail me info about becoming a dist. we are fulltime rv'ers and my mail is forwarded from our TX address. we don't live there! looking forward to hearing from you. thank you. Jody M

       We purchased a container of your product recently at the Livingston Texas Trade Days. My wife and I were both impressed with the flavor and the simplicity of putting together a Great tasting Salsa. Thanks Ricky & Cindy J

I really love this stuff and am thinking of Christmas gifts! Thanks. R.T

       Love your salsa and would like to talk about selling. Retired and would like extra income. G.A.

I bought this mix at a fair and really like it. Thanks, Diana

       Thanks for such a quality product. Don W.

Great stuff. Bought some last year at Canton. Love it! Pam A.

       Bought a can of this at the Houston Boat Show and we love it!!!

Jean S.

My husband and I love this stuff. We use it on lots of things like seasoning steaks, rice, hot sauce, & breakfast burritos! The list can go on
an on!!! Kathy C.

         Both my friend and I were volunteering at the HER Expo in Wichita, KS and told ourselves we were not going to buy anything....After a taste of the samples, we both walked away with a purchase! YUMMY-way better than jar salsa and way quicker/easier than making it 'homemade'. Thanks! Sami K.

Purchased your Simple Salsa in Belton, Must have more, best money I have spent in years. Thanks for such a great product! Wade & Cindy D.

         Bought your hot salsa mix Saturday at in OKC and love it. I was diagnosed last year with heart failure from pregnancy and was told to keep my sodium level under 2,000mg per day. I would have to splurge to eat salsa from the grocery store because the sodium levels are so outrageous. Thank you for making this product, I can now have salsa whenever I want.       Britni L.

P.S. I will be promoting your products on my FB page :)

I was able to try your product while visiting family in MN. I fell in love with my aunt's "secret" recipe salsa and I'm so excited that now I can make my own!! excellent product, thank you!     MEG

        We bought your Chiptole salsa mix at An Affair of the Heart in OKC a couple weekends ago and I just can not get enough of it! I should have bought more than just one! Leslie N.

Picked up Chipotle and the mild Saturday at the womens expo in Houston.... YUMMMY! chipotle landed on the pork with some brown sugar for pulled pork...and the mild, I mixed with sour cream for a nice spicy dip ...thanks GREAT PRODUCT!! Betty K

         I just wanted to let you know that my friend, Julie C. referred me to your site. She met you while you were in Canton. She told me it was the best salsa she ever had so I had to order some. I'm looking forward to trying my first Fiesta Simple Salsa!  Cynthia

I bought 2 cans of Fiesta Salsa Seasoning in Canton, MS. I shared one can with my parents and the other can is almost gone. We love it!! I would like 4 cans. Debbie G

         Bought a chipotle in Jackson Miss. Shared with my mom she fell in love with it as did my husband. Martha LA.

LOVE IT!! Bought you Simple Salsa in Tulsa at AAOTH show. Love the Chipotle and Southwestern. I have used it in many recipes and my family really enjoys the flavors. Thank you for a great, healthy product. G.T

         I bought you Hot style 60 second salsa mix at Texoma trade days. It is so awesome that I wanted to let you know how much we like it. Even though it's pretty spicy we've been eating salsa non-stop. Think I'll buy medium next time! Thanks, hope to see you at the next trade days so I can try and buy more.   Kevin

My wife and I were visiting relatives in Spring, Tx and went to the Crawfish festival. I tried a sample of your product and purchased two of the Chipotle mixes. I usually don't purchase any types of products like this at events, but, wow! I am glad that I did. I use your products in taco meat, fajitas, salsa, guacamole etc: Great product and I continue to order. Brad & Teresa - Olathe, KS

          We bought a 9 oz can of Hot salsa mix from you in Canton, TX. We are stationed here at Ft. Hood. I want to tell you your mix has eliminated my buying store bought salsa. We love to make our own. I also want to thank you for caring about the troops and showing your support. I just ordered 2 more 15 oz. cans to restock. Thank you for creating such a great product!        TENNILLE A.  FORT HOOD

 I was at your both to try your sample's with my husband and I got to tell you they are really good. We bought the Simple Salsa Chipotle seasoning. And Hickory Flavor Bar- B- Que Rub.  

Great products!    Carina M.  McAlester, OK

          We were at the Funky Junk Roundup in Tyler this past weekend and sampled your products.  WOW.  You can certainly be proud of your product line, the flavors are outstanding and your prices are very reasonable as well.  We bought your Dips, Chili Mix, Taco Seasoning and Fiesta Salsa.  Thanks for GREAT Products.  We will be customers for life.   Janna D.  Mineola, Tx

Hi, I bought your Mild and Fiesta salsa mix at the Street Rod Nationals in Louisville, KY earlier this month and my husband and I absolutely love this product! Wish I had bought more!!!  Ima H.

         I just received my order yesterday and you included a bag of Chili Mix and I wanted to thank you for that. Your salsa mix is the best ever, so SIMPLE to make and you can't beat the taste, my families favorite is the Southwestern mix. We will have to go to your website and check out your recipes.
Thanks again,
Tony M.
Kimberly, Oregon 

I made some chili over the holidays and added a scoop of the Chipotle seasoning and I think it added lots of flavor. We caught some Red Fish on the coast and cooked some on the grill with some Fiesta Mild on top, and Wow. Thanks for your product!   Pete 

         I purchased the salsa mix in Amarillo at the fair. Just wanted to say my wife and I love your product. I've shared your web site to several
people. And we will definitely be contacting real soon to stock up on your products. I can't begin to tell you how much my family and friends
rave about the salsa!!! Thank you very much.
Jeff and Tami

I just want you to know that I am very picky about salsas. This is by far the best, easiest, and CHEAPEST salsa I have found. LOVE IT!!
Lea Z.

          I'm in richardson tx and luv your product. I'm going to order your 4 pack.  You are fabulous. Thank you for your excellent customer service.
Rita M.

Thank you for helping us with a great fundraiser with a great product.  
Thank you, 
Rob Reedy 

     I purchased a package of your chili mix in January at the convention center on South Padre Island.  In a few days we had our annual Chili Cookoff.  I just had to let you know that out of 12 contestants, my chili took 1st place.  I'm attaching a couple of pics for you.  Thank you so much for such a great product!    Marilyn.