Private Label Information

Please Note:

“PRIVATE LABEL” is for individuals, or companies who want to start their own brand.  We DO NOT design, assist with design, or Print labels for you.  This is the Sole Responsibility of you and your company to furnish your own labels.  We will; however, furnish Product Information for you to put on your labels (ie. Ingredient List & Nutritional facts if applicable).  You can apply your own labels to the packaging you choose OR you may furnish and send the labels to us and we will apply them for you for an additional fee.

Private Label on our Salsa Mini Pails:

We no longer offer Private Labeling of our Signature Mini Pails of Salsa Seasonings.  There are many choices in packaging to choose from.  You are welcome to furnish your own packaging or accept one that we offer which is the Red/Yellow Zip pouches with a clear window.

Placing An Order:

Any order may consist of only one(1) Category; however, when ordering from two or more categories, start ordering by clicking on the button that displays the category you wish to start with. Once you have finished your selections, scroll to the bottom of the current page (under the Related Products Heading) and select the next category you desire to order from. Repeat over until you are ready to review your cart page.

Minimum Requirements:

Each product is set to render the minimum amount required.  Each product on the Drop Down Menu will display the QTY you will receive for that particular product For instance, if you are required to purchase 12 packs of any item when the quantity button shows the number (1) one, it will be one set of twelve or twenty four(12-24). Any additional quantities of that same item added will give a count of 12-24 packages each time.

We(Simple Salsa/EZ Mixes) will supply you with the Ingredient List & Nutritional Facts for your labels for each product you purchase.


The wholesale price will appear at the time a product is added to the cart. 


Once the order is received a shipping invoice will be sent to you by email. After the payment for shipping has been processed then the order will be shipped for delivery. We will send you an Invoice through Square or PayPal and you can pay it online Prior to order shipping.  Please note that the S & H must be paid in full prior to shipping your order–No COD’s

Need Assistance:

I will guide you through the online ordering process if you are having some difficulties. Please call Rich at (936) 933 – 1742 between the hours of 9:00 am – 5:00 pm (CST) Monday – Fridays.

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