In 2004 I met my lovely wife, Julie. For me, it was love at first sight. But not all love stories have easy beginnings. We had some misfortune and ended up living in a tent for about 3 months. Because we are both very determined individuals, we weren’t going to let that get us down. I prayed that the Lord would help provide us with some type of message or opportunity that we could get back on our feet and get us out of the rut we were in.  As blessings happen, we received an opportunity to go to Oregon and Washington to sell for a company that I used to sell for years ago. By the time we got there and walked into work, we had just one dollar each to our name. Needless to say, we were terrified.

We began working 12 hour days on commission. Scared to death that this was the only chance we had to get back on our feet, we dug in and did a 28-day stretch.  Our Lord had answered our prayers and when we were done, we had made enough to pay our bills and get a house. We were able to buy some new (used) furniture and get back to a normal life again. What a blessing it was, but that’s not the end of it. The owner of the company was so pleased with our ability and dedication, he actually assisted us in starting our own business selling his product line in Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Missouri.  This man and his wife, whom we think the world of, showed their generosity and heart to help us out. They did not give us money, they did not set up shows for us. They just fronted us a little bit of his product to get us going. We worked frantically to travel and sell the product and wound up doing pretty well with it. They continued to bring us out to Oregon and Washington, then California to work and sell for them until about 2010. It was not easy, please don’t get me wrong, but we hung in there and wound up in a circuit of shows called The Peddler Show, and things started to change. The product I am referring to is called "Sunshine Products", a pink, all natural jewelry cleaner that is still in The Peddler Shows today.  Mark and Tina, who work for us, continue to sell and please customers throughout Texas with this wonderful product. More about them in a few.

In 2009, we had seen a product at a show out in Oregon and liked the concept. Because we both love food, as I am sure you all do, and because I love to cook and try new things, we decided to try our hand at different spices and seasonings, packaging them, and selling them. I got to work on some recipes, but I wanted something that was different.  There were directives that I wanted to meet such as diabetic friendly, low sodium and of course, great taste. In December  2009 I began working on the recipes and had set up some meetings with spice companies to get pricing and guidance. The first two I met with showed very little interest and wanted such extreme minimums, there was just no way we could agree. We had saved up a little money, but it would have taken every cent we had. Instead of getting discouraged I told Julie, “let's go ahead and go to the last meeting and just see what he had to say.”  Folks, this was a gift from God! Another message that this is where we were supposed to be. When we walked into this spice company, the atmosphere was so different. It was almost like we knew this was it when we walked in. A gentleman came out and greeted us. He was a young man, according to my standards, 30 something. Then out walked his father, a very pleasant and distinguished gentleman. As they introduced themselves to us and invited us back, we looked at each other as if WOW, this is it. After about 2 hours and a great conversation, we cut a deal. But the story does not end there. They directed us to people who could help with packaging, labels, anything we needed to move forward. This company is a 3rd generation, family owned business and best of all--Christian based! Amen. The young man is a graduate from Texas A&M and his father had been in the education system as a teacher and principal for years, then left to take over the business from his father who started this company. The label company, Christian-based, the canister company, Christian based.  God really does work in mysterious ways. After literally 6-7 weeks we had our product packaged and ready for sale.

We started with 3 flavors, Mild, Hot, and Chipotle. We introduced our product the first time at The Affair of the Heart show in OKC and boy, we were scared to death. What if people rejected it? We had just jumped in with both feet and it was sink or swim. Bingo--what a weekend and reception we had from people.  We then got it juried into the Peddler Shows. We were still selling the jewelry cleaner and had to hire and train people to sell it while we worked our Simple Salsa. We went through about 5-6 people who seemed to have little or no work ethic or dedication. One of them was a homeless woman that would come to the Peddler Shows and assist vendors setting up their booths for cash. We spoke with her and found out her story, she was a graduate of Texas Tech with a degree in graphic design. We hired her and she was very personable but unfortunately, she turned out to be a thief. We let her go and eventually she wound up jail for stealing from other vendors. It’s sad, because she had such potential, but you just can’t help someone who doesn’t want to help themselves. Anyway, we had a friend of ours that said his son was down on his luck and needed a job. He said that he knew how to sell and asked if we needed help. This was Mark. So we decided to give him a try, hoping he had some work ethic. The dedication he portrayed was astounding. He asked if we would be interested in speaking with his wife, who loved to sell, and we said sure. This turned out to be another God send. These two work so well together and customers love them. We were concentrating on building our Simple Salsa business and Mark & Tina stepped in and ran the jewelry cleaner to free us up.  The was a blessing for all of us. They got a job and we got two great people to help us. We showed them how to run a business and what it takes, as they had never really done it before. They were very receptive and dedicated. We just tried to "Pay It Forward", if you will, because we had someone do that for us.  Mark & Tina started with us back in August 2012. They have been so respectful, so dedicated, so honest and are working so hard to grow mentally, spiritually, and financially. I am a firm believer that they were sent to us by God because we both needed someone at that time.

Julie and I have had the chance to continue to expand our line of products and bring YOU- our loyal customers, quality products at very reasonable prices. We are dedicated to maintaining our standards throughout our entire line and this will never change. We have also chosen to offer business opportunities at very little start up cost. We know that no one should have to go into debt when starting a business, it just adds too much pressure on people. With our company, you can literally start your own business for under $2000.

Something that Julie and I have learned over the years is to always have your mind and heart open. There are good people who just need a nudge or a little incentive. God will present you with an opportunity, it is up to YOU to choose to take that and do something with it. When an opportunity presents itself, open your mind and your heart and listen, it might be God's way of saying--this is YOUR chance. Never say "I can't", and do not make excuses. Where there is a will, there is a way. Trust in the Lord and allow him to guide you, He will NOT lead you in the wrong direction!

God Bless you all and thank you for taking the time to read our story and visiting our website. Whether you like our products or not, whether you are a customer or not, Julie and I wish the very best for you, your family and friends. May God Bless each of us & GOD BLESS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA & GOD BLESS OUR MILITARY!